As you journey through the lands of Sanctuary you will come across numerous items that can help you accomplish your goals. Potions Learn more about [ Potions ].

Rings and Amulets Learn more about [ Rings and Amulets ]. Weapons and Armor Learn about [ Weapons and Armor ] available in the game.

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Gems Precious gems embody innate magical abilities. When set into a socketed item these gems can add powerful magic effects.

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Runes are different from other Insertable Items: not only do individual Runes have magical properties, certain combinations or Rune Setswhen inserted into an item in the proper order, give that item even more wondrous abilities. Magic Items As Hell's will has corrupted the land, mages and smiths crafted many magical means to keep the people safe from harm. Fine jewelry, armor, and weapons were often enchanted with arcane energies in an effort to assist those who battled against the tide of evil.

During your travels you will likely encounter items imbued with these magics, whose names appear in blue when highlighted. Magic Items have one or two magical attributes applied to the basic item. Learn more about [ Magic Items ]. Take a look at Magic [ Prefixes and Suffixes ]. Rare Items Some magic items radiate energy beyond that of a simple enchanted item. Although much less common, these rare items are significantly more powerful than standard magically enhanced items. A Rare item is distinguished by a yellow title when highlighted.

Rare items contain two to six magic properties and are highly valued by those that have them. The names of rare items are not linked to their magical attributes. Learn more about [ Rare Items ]. Crafted Items Crafted Items are similar to rare items but can only be created using the Horadric Cube. These items have fixed properties as well as random Magic Prefixes and Suffixes. These sets are said to bestow additional magic abilities once all its pieces have been found and equipped.

Set items are recognizable by their green names. Once identified, each set item names the other pieces required to complete the set.

diablo 2 items

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Charms Large. Charms Small. Gear Items. Level Up Service. Set Items. D2 Base Items Exceptional. Sory by: Latest Price. My Account My Orders. Professional Diablo 2 items Shop. Copyright - www. Buy D2 items.Delivery is instant as usual. Check back regularly, items coming in every hour! Are you new to the game or not familiar with the Diablo 2 Items? In Diablo 2, there is a wide variety of items that are often separated depending on their rarity.

For instance, there are normal items, exceptional items, magic items, unique items and set items. However, after you reach the final difficulty of the game, you will be most interested in set items and unique items as they are harder to find and offer more powerful bonuses. Runes look like small magical stones and you can place them into a Socketed Item to enchant it with powerful bonuses. Runes are useful for creating some Crafted Items too. Moreover, runes are very popular because if you insert some specific Rune combinations known as Runewords into some specific items in the right order, these items will provide much more powerful bonuses.

Also, some types of items are available only in Diablo 2 Ladder mode. These are known as Diablo 2 Ladder items. Some items and runewords won't drop or cannot be socketed in non-ladder. As a result, you can create the Runewords only in this mode. Charms are items that provide their bonuses just by keeping them in your inventory. However, some magical properties are only available on the larger Charms.

In order to have some free space in your inventory, you can carry only the most powerful Charms and store some resistances and life charms in your stash for when you have to face difficult Bosses. The unique items, especially the most popular and powerful ones are the most difficult to find in-game. They provide much stronger bonuses than the regular items and some of them are crucial for end-game and can skyrocket the potential of most builds. You may find this type of items with a Battle.

Consider that the chance of finding powerful unique items is very low and you maybe have no luck after countless runs.

There, you can find the items for your favorite builds fast and easy through our Diablo 2 items sale. Jewels can provide up to 4 random magic properties. They differ from gems and Runes because each Jewel grants random abilities and not predetermined bonuses. You can get many other bonuses from a Jewel, but they are often worse than the same bonuses from runes and gems.

Also, Jewels do not change their properties regardless of what item you insert them in. Thus, they are a popular choice for players that want to gain some powerful item customizers. Through your journey, you can find rare, magic and unique Jewels. Their names appear in blue letters and they can have 1 or 2 magical properties attached to the basic version of the item. These are less common in comparison to magic items, therefore they are more powerful.

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A rare item appears in yellow letters and can have 2 to 6 magic bonuses. Crafted Items appear in orange letters and you can only create them using the right ingredients in the Horadric Cube.While scavenging through corpses and chests in Sanctuary, some may happen to run across ancient gear that once belonged to a legend of Sanctuary.

Unlike the mortal owners of these distinguished items, the equipment is still very solid and real. With enough perserverance, it may be possible to gather all the remaining pieces of gear that once belonged to your role model, bestowing you the same powers as it did to the original owner.

Sets were designed with the collectors in mind. As you equip two or more pieces of one Set, you will unlock additional qualities that were previously unknown of. There are many different Sets, each tailored for certain level ranges, fighting style and even classes.

While lower Sets can be used on different characters with nearly identical results, a Sorceress will never be able to attain the full power of the Immortal King because of class restrictions. While a Set consists of two to six pieces, it is possible to wear two full sets at once depending on your setup, unleashing even more bonus stats for your character.

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The downside of using complete sets early in the game is the eventual replacement of them. You may keep finding better Helmets for your character, but replacing the Set helmet with the newly found one will cause the full set bonus to dissapear. This means that it is harder to part from specific pieces of the equipment, because the pros and cons of changing gear have to be considered, unlike simply replacing an old helmet with a better new one.

Initially, Sets were composed only of normal items. This rendered sets useless at higher levels, where higher base gear was more common and generally more useful.

Only after Lord of Destruction was released did Blizzard add more Sets that included Exceptional and Elite items, making them a much better choice late in the game, as opposed to the normal sets. Arcanna's Tricks. Berserker's Arsenal.

Civerb's Vestments. Isenhart's Armory. Milabrega's Regalia. Sigon's Complete Steel.

diablo 2 items

Tancred's Battlegear. Death's Disguise. Heaven's Brethren. Hwanin's Majesty. Cow King's Leathers.Here you will find useful downloads for Diablo 2 - Trainers, hero editor, diablo 2 item files, PlugY, Holy Grail folders and others as the time goes by. You will not find any bots or hacks or dupes here. I respect the game hack free and I think the game would have been insanely good without the dupes, hacks or bots.

I don't have anything against trainers as they are exclusive to single player and I think that people can do whatever they want even botting as long as it's single player.

Hero editors or trainers are used for single player editing of characters. The one that works across multiple versions of Diablo II, including 1. Now please take this with the following consideratoin - Playing single player has been more and more popular in the recent years, especially with the Pluggy mode.

People are playing legit characters and gearing themselves with self-found items. This is what Diablo II is all about. Trainers ruin this good feeling easily. It might feel like a good idea to give yourself a little start with a trainer but believe me - this will not last long and disappointment will soon kick in. If you still think you want to use a trainer, continue and download on your own caution. Click here to download - Hero Editor v1.

Best WHITE, MAGIC \u0026 RARE Items in Diablo 2

More about it in the next section. This is a huge collection of. It is a collection to which I have personally contributed a lot, especially with my own self-found unidentified unique and set items. The items are in a.

You can import items from the library to gear up an experimental build or just to start with an already geared character. The export function is also really good. If you have found an item and you want to share it as an item file with the rest of the world, you can export this item into a.

Download the item file pack - D2 Item Pack. PlugY is Diablo II mod that is famous for preserving the game as it is while only extending the Stash of the character to infinite tabs and the stash is sharable across chracters for easy muling. The mod requires 1. This is usually happening on PlugY where the stash can hold all the items for evidence. Another advanced achivement is to actually have a screenshot of each item dropping. I will be soon developing an app to the Holy Grail where you will be able to record and upload your own Holy Grail lists but until it's ready you can download this Holy Grail folder pack below.

It just contains empty folders but they are sorted properly so you can put your drop screenshots in there. So basically just unzip the archive somewhere. It is a collection of empty folders. Unique Items. Set Items. Horadric Cube. Diablo 2 characters files are located into the following folders: Diablo 1.Subscribe Today! Horadric Cube.

Set Items (Diablo II)

Crafted Items. Item Prefixes. Item Suffixes. DII Glossary. Fan Fiction. Playing Tips. Diablo II Story. Set Items. Amazon Weapons.

Assassin Katars. Necromancer Shrunken Heads. Paladin Shields. Item names will appear in color as follows: Item Type. Deadly Strike This is a chance of doing double damage. This bonus is applied after skills such as Critical Strike and any other damage bonuses. Deadly Strike Items stack. Open Wounds This is a chance of making a monster bleed uncontrollably.

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They lose health while bleeding. Open Wounds Items stack.

diablo 2 items

It is affected by physical resistance, and Crushing Blow items stack. Crushing Blow is calculated after your normal damage. Absorption Or Absorbs Absorb heals the player - which is equivalent to resistance.

These will not raise a skill point in the Necromancer's Fire Golem. On Striking On Striking means if you actually hit a Monster. On Attack On Attack means every time you swing. Replenish Life Increases your Life regenerating ability. Send mail to the webmistress with questions or comments about this web site. Diablo II game images are copyright Blizzard. Reproduction of content from this site on another server is not allowed.

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Here are some banners you can use.Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction is the expansion of the most popular action role playing game which was released in It features a fifth Act, two new charac Choose the items you would like to buy and put them to your cart. Enter the required informations at the checkout, pay and wait for the delivery. More details. Unique small charm with at least 17 All Resistances and at least 17 To All Level Service.

We will level a character of your choice from Lvl 1 to Lvl A runeword with 1 All Skill and Battle Order skill. A high value rune for the most popular runewords. A rare medium value rune for cheaper runewords. A high value rune for the most popular runewords More details.

D2 Items Shop

A runeword with 2 all skill and 65 to all resistance. A high value rune for the most cheaper runewords More details. Magic small charm with Life. It features a fifth Act, two new character classes Assassin and Druid and lots of item modifications including Runes, Elite Unique items, Charms and the ability to gear up your Mercenary. With the fifth Act the challenge the game provides has levelled up.

diablo 2 items

Even with the better itemization the game easily exposes your weak points with higher monster density, their randomed placement and deadlier combinations of their unique powers.

Diablo 2 LOD is an excellent choice for retro loving players or with low-end rig. It offers countless hours of fun with wide character customization, challenging areas and fascinating lore. Runes add new depth to the game which makes the treasure hunting more rewarding. With them you are able to create Runewords to your socketed items, which when completed yields not just bonus stats but some of them gives different skills which by default might not be available for your class.


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